Equipment Design

  • Provide services for Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger Design on PVElite and in-house developed Calculation Sheet.
  • Equipment Design as per either ASME Sec VIII Div I/II or other local codes as applicable.
  • Lifting Calculations.
  • Calculation for Internals
  • Platform structure design & platform clip design.
  • Tank Design as per API 650, API 620.
  • Air Cooler Design as per API 661.
  • Skid design for vessel & structure.
  • Miscellaneous calculation as Silo Design, Thermal design for heat exchanger, Fatigue / Creep screening calculation etc.

Detail Engineering

  • Preparation of General Arrangement drawings for pressure vessel, heat exchanges, platform & ladder.
  • Detailing for equipments – pressure vessel / heat exchanger with BOM.

Piping Design

  • Piping Stress Analysis for piping related to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical Plant as per ASME B31.3.
  • 3D model for plant, skid including piping, structure, equipments and other detailing.
  • Piping material specification, insulation, generation of iso’s with BOM.
  • The piping stress analysis and detailing includes Equipment modeling, nozzle check, stress analysis, pipe support location, clash check, isometric.

Finite Element Analysis

  • FEA as per ASME Sec. VIII. Div. 2 / API 579 – ASME FFS1
  • Type of Analysis includes : Thermal – steady state & transient, Structural ‐ steady state & transient, Linear Elastic, Nonlinear ‐ Plastic, Coupled analysis, Fatigue, Creep.
  • The FEA includes Nozzle analysis, entire equipment analysis, hotbox analysis, lifting analysis, fatigue analysis, creep analysis etc.
  • FEA for the abnormalities as vessel damage / denting and corresponding repair work, Vessel ovality, skirt offsets due to ovality, baffle analysis to predict the failure of baffle etc.
  • Thermal + Mechanical analysis of Heat exchange.
  • FEA for expansion bellow.
  • Analysis of any miscellaneous component.
  • Validation of third party, third software.